Friday, October 12, 2012

Genesis: Fact or Fiction? (My vote is for the latter choice.)

This is an excerpt from a response I had to write for Mythology class on the first and second sections of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Enjoy!

Active Voice
Passive Voice

I find it interesting that how the world was created according to Genesis could be related to the chronological order that the Earth could have been formed through evolution and the Big Bang; Of course, the leading differences being a) the existence of a higher being that created Earth and b) the time frame of how long ago this all happened.

  1. God created the heavens and the Earth can interpret into the initial Big Bang that formed the universe. Darkness was upon the face of the deep, meaning Earth was still in the process of forming, and as a very young planet within our new solar system could not yet sustain life.
  2. God said let there be light, creating the day and night. The sun had been formed, causing the gravitational pull of the planets surrounding it, and combined with the formation of Earth and its own rotation, day and night would occur on our planet.
  3. Dividing the waters from the waters. Earth settled into orbit at a range that permitted the formation of atmosphere, water and air separating.
  4. The creation of land, sea, and vegetation. Within the process of atmosphere being formed, water would not only remain on the surface of the planet but also enter the atmosphere, creating our clouds, weather, etc. Combined with the freezing process at the poles of the planet, due to the infrequent and lack of direct sunlight and warmth from the sun, land would start to appear. Vegetation formed.
  5. The formation of stars. New stars form and old stars “die”. Thus is how the universe functions. While our own solar system was forming, others were also in the process. Our galaxy is a young one that is still in the process of formation.
  6. Creatures start to form in the water and air. Well, organisms have to start somewhere. Not a goo that suddenly some creature crawled out of, but water would logically suffice to create a compound organism capable of adapting to life both in the air and on land.
  7. Creatures are formed on the land. Following the trend stated previously, evolution would dictate creatures spreading from water to land as environments changed and needs could only be met through means not available within the current atmosphere, aquatic and limiting.
  8. Lastly, there is the creation of man. Chronologically, this still follows the trend of evolution. The main belief being that we descended from apes through many stages, but ultimately we arrived as men in the world after other beasts were formed.
I'm not exactly sure what to write for my commenter this week. It's been an excessively long week and my brain is shot. I'm going to go back to destroying The Book Thief and see how that works out for me. (Don't worry, I'm not really destroying it. Just drawing all over it and painting on the pages. Ha.)


  1. Nice posting! Being married to an atheist and him having a Christian mother life has been entertaining; I've heard almost every argument for both sides of this idea, but I've never heard this idea before, that the God creation story could also be the same idea as the big bang theory, intriguing.

    you almost got everything necessary for our blogs this week, you have it listed in your key but must have forgotten it: a intransitive verb in passive voice. You got your transitive verb in active voice though.

    My only bit of advice would be to make your participles more engaging. The verbs "causing" and "creating" aren't as awesome as maybe "shaping" or something similar. You used the participle correctly (to my knowledge) but maybe make the verbs more visual and engaging for the reader. I understand it is an academic paper and it feels weird, but give it a shot next time!

    I've heard good things about The Book Thief, or at least from my mom and my brother; perhaps I'll have to take a look into it, I've been searching for a new book lately anyway.

  2. I could have sworn that I had labeled one...Damn you Microsoft Word!!!